If your vehicle is 3 years or older you are required by law to have an annual safety check, the ministry of transport test, commonly known as the MOT Test. The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law.


It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is examined every 12 months. Without a current MOT certificate, you will be unable to drive your vehicle lawfully or renew your road fund license. Recent computerisation of the MOT testing system by VOSA means police and mobile camera units can now check remotely to see if your vehicle has a current MOT.


The penalty for not having an up to date MOT certificate could be a fine. Also if the vehicle is involved in an accident you may be asked to produce your MOT certificate. An insurance claim could be affected by the absence of your MOT, especially in the case of injury. You can have your vehicle MOT tested up to 28 days in advance of its due date.

MOT Check List
MOT testing requires a qualified tester to carry out a range of different tests and inspections on the interior and exterior of your vehicle including under the bonnet and underneath the vehicle. The complete MOT checklist is as follows:

Interior Checks
Front/Rear seat belts, seat security, rear fog tell tales, ABS warning light, switches (position lamp/headlamp), indicator, hazard switches, view to front, wipers and washers, brake pedal, servo operation, handbrake, steering wheel and column, front doors, mirrors, horn.

Exterior Checks
Front/Rear registration plate, front lamps including indicators, headlamps and headlamp aim, mirrors, front and rear shock absorbers, front/rear wheels, tyres, rear lights, rear fogs, number plate lamps, number plate stop lamps, fuel tank cap, indicators, hazards, rear doors and boot lid, wiper blades, general condition of the vehicle.

Under Bonnet
Vehicle structure, braking systems, exhaust system, fuel system, steering and suspension, power steering components.

Under Vehicle Inspection
Steering including power steering, drive shafts (if applicable), front suspension, shock absorbers, front and rear wheel bearings, wheels and tyres, service brake control, mechanical brake components, parking brake system, exhaust system, fuel tank and fuel system, rear suspension including shock absorbers, structure, general vehicle condition.

Electronic Tests
Emissions and brake performance.

ETS Auto Centre offer FREE retests on any vehicle failure when repairs are carried out on site. The test must be carried out within 10 days from the original test date.


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